What I was going to talk about…

Back to religion. I was at the Half Price Books at 1431 and 183 when I saw the sign for a church, pointing in the general direction of the movie theater. I walked by the sign to get to the Bundt cake shop (Nothing Bundt Cakes… get it? HA!) and walked back, stopped at the sign and looked at it for a minute.
A Presbyterian Church in a movie theater? Is that even allowed? I thought that they couldn’t have music in church… what does Church, any kind of church, look in a movie theater?
I went the theater the next day at 9:30am, walked by the parents trying to get their issue to the Cars 2 matinée before they could get out of their early morning stupor, into the lobby, past the concession stand to find a very churchy table with coffee and literature just before the ticket taker.
Two well-manicured and accessorized ladies smiled and introduced themselves, asked if I was here for the movie or the service (which tickled me…. Who asks this sort of thing?), I say the service, they hand me a flyer and I walk by the ticket taker, who shoots a nervous look at who I can only assume is her boss from the reassuring nod he gave her as I walked by.
“you’re in theater 2” she says.
I thank her and round the corner and was met with the Children’s Ministry check in just outside theater 8. This well-manicured and accessorized lady smiled and asked if I was checking in.
“Nope, Just looking in… looking in at the Children’s Ministry… in a movie theater” they smile (I’m sure that have heard that before) and I make my way to the theater proper…
To be continued…

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